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Talent: Supreme Overlord
Before entering battle, ATK increases by (3, 5, 7, 10)%, Physical damage taken decreases by (2, 3, 4, 5)%. Lasts 4 turns. Can be stacked up to 4 times.
Awakening: Unreleased
FlierHawk Knight

Hawk Knight
Soldiers: Hawk Rider


Soldiers: Elite Lancer, Rock Golem

Dragon Knight

Soldiers: Griffon Rider, Lesser Imp


Soldiers: Elite Cavalry, Elite Infantry

Grand Marshal

Soldiers: Phalanx, Vanguard Lancer

Dragon Master

Soldiers: Griffon Knight, Vampire Bat

Training Grounds: Gargoyle, Cyclops, Dark Centurion
Skill Cost CD Range Span Description
Hawk Knight
Raging Thunder 2 2 1 Single [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Grants [Windride] before battle: When HP>50%, damage taken from Melee Attack decreases by 15%. Lasts 2 turns.
Reinforcement 1 [Passive] At end of action, restore 20% HP.
Parry 1 [Passive] Takes physical attacks for allies within 1 space. When attacked, adds 7% of ATK to DEF.
Dragon Knight
Defense Command 2 [Passive] DEF+10% to all allies within 2 spaces.
Endure 1 [Passive] When entering combat, DEF+7%.
Grand Marshal
Tactical Mastery 2 3 Self All [Fusion Power] Active use. All "Strategic Masters" units receive ATK/INT/DEF+20% and MDEF+30%, as well the effect: All passable terrain are treated as plains during movement. If terrain increases DEF, damage dealt in battle +15%. Lasts 4 turns. Cannot be stacked with other Fusion Powers.
Strong Arm 2 3 Self Single [Passive] Takes physical attacks for allies within 1 space.

[Active] Guard Range increases to 2 blocks, grants buffs [Parry] and [Barb]. Lasts 2 turns.

Dragon Master
Gale 1 [Passive] After taking action, 20% chance to act again.
Dragon's Breath 2 5 Self 2 [Physical Damage] Deals 0.36x AoE damage to enemies within 2 blocks and adds 1 random debuff to each target. Grants [Windride]: When HP>50%, damage taken from melee attacks decreases by 15%. Lasts 2 turns.