Global 2021/3/11 Major Update: Make Haste! Glorious Imperial General!

  • New Characters: Hilda, Werner

  • 3C skills: Lambda, Ashram, Olivier

  • Exclusive equipment: Renata, Shilinka

  • New Soldiers: Phalanx Soldier, Barbarian Warrior, The Faceless, Elven Cavalry Archer, Steelmane Werewolf

  • Hero Confession: Noemi

  • New Content: Main Story Act 2 Chapter 26-30, Twisted Fate Part 3, Forbidden Battleground 3

CN 2021/4/7 Major Update: The King and the Empty Heart

  • New characters: Lucretia, Autokrato

  • 3C Skills: Grenier, Aka, Pirotess

  • Exclusive Equipment: Landius, Licorice

  • SP Hero: Cherie

  • Hero Confession: Light of Genesis

  • New Equipment: Midnight Bloom (Staff), Vortex Robe (Cloth Armor), Last Warmers (Cloth Helm), Core of Ingenuity (Accessory)

  • New Content: Forbidden Battleground 4

Recent Updates

  • 2021/4/1: Site Created